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The Concept

This beautiful concept is the brain child of the founder member Mrs. Prajakta Wadhavkar

  • The void in facilities available in this field of Care giving and the constant thought of giving something back to the Society, paved the way to evolve a beautiful concept.

  • The necessity in providing Quality Care through systematic and curated health program, activities, diet plan, considering the background, temperament and adaptability of the residents and giving top most priority to hygiene and cleanliness to bring about a cheerful and positive environment for the betterment of the residents.

  • The Tapasya to embark on this journey with a vision to bring break through concepts in the field of Care Giving to “ELDERS” with the idea to systematically blend Medico and Non-Medico approach to create Unique community living care home purpose, designed to enhance intellectual, emotional, social dimensions of LIFE focused on physical & mental wellbeing under specialized expertise, dedicated towards dignified aging, blossomed into this beautiful creation of “TAPAS”.
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    Over 2 Years of Experience

    Over two years of experience and handling 300 + residents till date with 2 Nos of centers. Pashan center focused on Dementia, Palliative care etc... and Aundh center focused on Active ageing...


    We Have Experienced

    We have experienced doctors on the advisory board and panel of doctors, counsellors, nursing staff and attendants to take care of the residents at every given point of time..


    We Are Improving Everyday

    We are improving everyday with the valuable experience from catering to more than 300 residents in just 2 years of operation. Our service and systems have evolved and improved by this experience and have designed more therapies and added more services accordingly.


    In Sanskrit, the ardent, pointed, self – transcending passion is called Tapas.
    The Vedas revere it as an unsurpassable creative force..
    TAPAS was conceived with a vision of holistic care of the most integral part of the society, the geriatric segment ………
    Which is most affected by the change of TIME


    The vision is not only an old age home ……… but to fulfill the emotional / physiological / physical / technical / medical needs of this age group in a holistic way.
    Vision is to Sensitize Society towards healthy aging.
    A residential care home where the goal would be utmost affectionate / scientific / holistic continuous care with a Team approach.


    In India, Oldage home is loss of dignity – Why the stigma ?

    Cultural Belief : that ideal children must take care of their parents in traditional way.

    The age is only respected culturally ……….. And not taken care of sensitively.

    In all segments of the society and in all aspects of economic / social / intellectual ……… they are looked upon with sympathy and even worse Pity.

    Changing Facts : Nuclear / migration / working families / career…….

    The Dilemma : To seek an alternative …… the potential guilt and the conflict that follows … that is never addressed ……. The alternatives need to be explored in a rational way. Change is seen when seniors themselves are assertive about making the change ….. So the segment I could identify adaptable to progressive change and modification was the educated-urban in India who are more individualistic and aware of the needs who become the role model among the multitude of geriatric population in India.


    At the onset of the primary survey ……… the realization that the Society itself is in dire need of taking care of the geriatric population ….. The need is ours to see the major part of us in a dignified way ….. If they are at home with family / living alone / abandoned / physically disabled or mentally challenged …… it is OUR need …… So now how do we overcome this ……..

    Assisted Living Grades:
    1. Physical disability.
    2. Neuro psychological disability.
    3. Dependence on caring system.


    Destigmatisation of geriatric care is the objective.

    Graded approach : Active ageing / Companionship / Healthy ageing /

    Segregation : Neuro related disorders / Healthy active ageing

    Methodology :
    1. Community sensitization.
    2.. Social interventions.
    3. Individualistic care plan.
    4. Research.

    Identifying the needs and fulfilling it with the best potential and then looking beyond it …… is the objective. Unique community care home purpose-designed to enhance intellectual/emotional/social dimensions focused on physical wellbeing with specialized and compassionate expertise dedicated towards dignified ageing .


    Advisory Board

    1. Dr Anand Nadkarni

    Panel Of Doctors

    1. Dr Avinash Kulkarni (M.D Medicine)
    2. Dr Anagha Jog – Karve (Psychiatrist)
    3. Dr Aditya Patil (Psychiatrist)
    4. Dr Archana Ranade (Neuro Physiotherapist),
    5. Dr Farzana Mulla. (Doctorate in Neuro – Psycho Analysst)
    6. Dr Urmila Takalkar (Ortho Physiotherapist),
    7. Dr Mayuri Parekh. (Physician)
    8. Dr Pallavi Kasande
    9. Dr Anil Mungale
    10. Swati Chandrashekhar (Geriatric Dietitian)

    Team Tapas : Doctors, Nurses, Counselors, Attendants – The core team of caregivers also Psychologist and resource team. The set up is now segregated into Dementia Care and Healthy active ageing.

    Systematic Approach.

    1. Caregivers destress program .
    2. Neuro psycho assessment – cognitive / functional.
    3. Emotional management program for spouse / family.
    4. Family support group.
    5. Staff Training
    6. Care giver support group (Madhanya) with IPH.
    7. Research.
    8. Cognicare : Mobile app for Home care.


    The ultimate future goal of tapas is to maintain care and dignity to the highest level..

    To build a model of interdependence between the carer and the senior.

    Care fosters on interdependence and we bridge the gap

    The respect for the individuality of the human being nurtured in all aspects of emotional ,social,intellectual,cultural,and ofcourse medical aspects is the simple goal of TAPAS … the vision ,the setup,the team are the means which are being continuously enhanced